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It is good to see Craig want to do a good job for JD.  I like his hotel, it seems like a nice place to stay.  And, JD and Elizabeth seem like nice people.  It was also great of Cameron to go with Craig to shop for a ring for Naomi.

Shep was a snooze this episode.  Done, over.  Same with Landon and her dad.

Queen Slut Kathryn decided to be fake nicey-nice with Thomas because she's found a house to rent and needs a co-signer.  Then she whines about him being "so fake" and that this is a "big game to him".  No, asshole, YOU are the faker!  Then she claims that she doesn't need the money to take care of HER, it is to raise her two kids.  BULLSHIT!  Now comes the alligator tears, bawling about living along with two kids, well, what did you think would happen?  Shut the fuck up.  You're just trying to keep up with the Joneses, and Thomas was spot-on when he said this ploy was for more money.  Duh.  Then, she pities herself "making a deal with the devil", this coming from Satan's spawn herself.

We then go over to the magnificent mansion of Miss Patricia, who is busy working on her Flamingo Party.  She's working with a party planner and mentions a book deal.  I'm buying it when it comes out!

Queen Slut Kathryn whines to Thomas to get him to ask Miss Patricia to invite her to the Flamingo Party.  Getting Thomas to do all of the dirty work for her-again.  Thomas' reasoning is that if he gets others to do Queen Slut Kathryn's bidding, that she will then allow her to see the baby-hey, Thomas, don't involve others in the problems YOU create!  You have no right involving Miss Patricia in the predicament Queen Slut Kathryn put HERSELF in!  He sucks up to Miss Patricia, bringing her a large candle and meeting her in her maginficent library.  Whith is elegant just like the rest of the home.  Miss Patricia read him like an open book, she knew exactly what he was up to and called him out on it.  The nerve of Thomas begging Miss Patricia to invite that ill-mannered red-headed menace to her party was just absurd.  Miss Patricia rightfully cites Queen Slut Kathryn's "volcanic explosions" as the reason for not inviting her, and then the show flips to last season when Queen Slut Kathryn got all ghetto trashy with Whitney, screaming  "GO TAKE LESSONS FROM YOUR MOTHER!  SHE DIDN'T RAISE YOU RIGHT!  WHY DON'T YOU JUST GO FALL ON A KNIFE?"  Well, first off, you red headed piece of garbage, why didn't YOU take lessons from YOUR  mother?  Why do you need to pay to take classes from Suzanne Pollak when your mother should have taught you how to cook, clean, entertain, raise children and most importantly, act properly in public?  Because you thought you were too good to learn those things and expect the rest of the world to put up with your shit!  Well, news flash, shithead-we won't!  Miss Patricia is right-you should stay at home and take care of your children and not worry about going to parties you are NOT FUCKING INVITED TO ATTEND!

Now we go to the polo match.  I love polo.  Queen Slut Kathryn is dressed all up like a country bumpkin in her cowboy boots and peasant dress.  She starts moaning about Thomas' friends and how they were "friends" to her while she was dating him, but not after.  It is because they weren't your friends!  Are you that stupid?  Then she starts screeching about this being a "family day" and that Thomas has ruined it because JD and Elizabeth are there.  Uh, no, dumbass.  I never heard Thomas say that.  You made that up in your delusional little brain.  They she starts getting all huffy because she doesn't want that funny looking kid of hers around alcohol.  But, it's perfectly OK that she's around Queen Slut Kathryn and that fucking hairdresser of hers SMOKING POT!  Yeah, moron, we know all about it from the police reports!  Have you no shame?  Don't think  you're some sort of high matron by thinking you can play chess!  Chess is for smart people, of which you are not.  You're just a pawn and always will be.  Stick to Chutes and Ladders, it's more your speed!  After she takes off with Jennifer the Dingleberry Friend, Thomas states that everything is always about her.  Well, asshole, you should have thought of that before you stuck your dick back into her.  You knew and now you have Baby 2!  No self-respecting woman of any meaningful stature is going to want to be with you because of Queen Slut Kathryn.  They don't want to deal with her!  So, quit with your drama and just marry the piece of trash.  
We open up to Queen Slut Kathryn whining about something being "so ghetto".  Talking about yourself again, tramp?

The views of beautiful Charleston makes me want to visit!

Cameron:  Don't have children if you don't want them.  Kids have a way of knowing they're not wanted, no matter how hard parents try to mask it.

Queen Slut Kathryn went to Jennifer's instead of going home and taking care of Kensie.  She ain't gonna win any medals for Mother of the Year anytime soon.  Go home and stay with your spawn! She's "hurt" because Miss Patricia didn't invite Queen Slut Kathryn to Miss Patricia's Flamingo party. Well, whore, you aren't wanted.  You're NFI for a reason.  And no, dumbass, you are NOT a scapegoat for anything.  As for your stupid statements about bullshit, well, you're the Princess of Bullshit, so go and eat a steaming cow pie and leave us better people alone!  Queen Slut Kathryn is such a gold digger, no matter how many times she says differently.  Stop trying to convince us!  Speaking of bullshit, I'm calling bullshit on Queen Slut Kathryn's whine about how $2500 a month doesn't cover expenses for Kensie.  Shithead, I know women who get less than that A YEAR and still make ends meet! Go out and get a fucking job like other women do!  Lazy assed whore.  And stop using Kensie as ammunition!  Oh, you "forgive" Jennifer but you hate Landon?  Hypocrite much?  Fuck you, asshole!

At least Landon as some ambition, other than squeezing a puppy every year and a half.

Seems like Craig finally has his crap together and I'm glad to hear he's working to take the bar exam.

Ahhhh, yes, the divine Miss Patricia.  Cameron drops by and meets Anna, the new intern, and her little hedgehog.  I love you, Patricia, but please no more talk about anyone's private parts.  Cameron is wise to consult with Patricia about her first dinner party.  But a crock-pot dinner?  No, honey, no.  I thought Southerners were better than that.  So much for that myth they like to project.  It was nice of Patricia to send Michael to help Cameron.  They go over the guest list and both Thomas and Queen Slut Kathryn are NFI-Not Fucking Invited.  I don't blame her.

The Gentry Hotel looks fabulous.  My kind of place!

Shep and the girls, what a waste of film.  That piece of trash with the tattoo on her arm, what garbage.  Yeah, Shep, take her home to your  mother and get back to us about how that goes.

Next we see Suzanne, the doyenne of the Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits.  Because, for all of the bragging and boasting Southerners do, they don't all know how to take care of a home, JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE COUNTRY.  Cameron, not being society and eating McDonalds is NOT an excuse for you not knowing how to cook AT AGE 31.  I could cook by the time I left home and hosted my first dinner party AT TWENTY.  It was Thanksgiving, and I cooked the whole meal ON MY OWN.  It turned out great, and I've been hosting that holiday dinner ever since, and I entertain regularly.

Thomas.  What an unfunny joke.  Miss Patricia and Whitney meet him at a French restaurant, and Thomas' French-quel horreur!  "Pepe le Pew French" LMAO!  Miss Patricia is right on the money when she said Queen Slut Kathryn is using the children as a bargaining tool.

Back to Jennifer and Queen Slut Kathryn.  Hey, Kathryn, you're NFI, get over it.  No, Patricia isn't "balsy" for not inviting you, she doesn't like you and she doesn't have to invite your skanky ass to her parties if she doesn't want you there.  You are ill bred and trashy.  And yes, Kathryn, Miss Patricia was born with her position, money and status in society.  Jealous much?  Stupid asshole.  Then, you turn around and call her a bitch and sit there and wonder why you're not invited?  Are you that stupid?  What a dumb cunt.

Next we see Cameron's house and Suzanne comes over to an abode where cookware is still unpacked in their original boxes and have been since she got married.  Love the Waterford-I have lots of it!

Queen Slut Kathryn mosies over to Craig and Naomi's and starts her crusade about not being invited and getting Craig to help her get back into the circle.  Your desperation stinks as bad as your hole, slutmuffin.  You did it to yourself.

Miss Patricia probably figured Cameron didn't have place cards, so like the wise woman she is, she brought some to use.  That's sweet of her.  Even Danni, the Aneroxic Hanger-On was invited to the soiree.  Cameron's dining room set is lovely and her home is as it should be.  Good job, girl, now learn to cook.

Shep-yes, they have to follow the rules.  Get over it.

Miss Patricia is right on with her assessment about romance among the young these days.  And, of course, the subject of Thomas and Queen Slut Kathryn was brought up.  Miss Patricia, again, hits the nail on the head when she cited Queen Slut Kathryn's lateness to events, her "tizzy fits" giving the finger and telling people to "fuck off" as the reasons why the Queen Slut was not invited to the party and that Miss Patricia wants "pretty people there".  Good.

And, Craig, Queen Slut Kathryn is not trying to get along with the others.  Not by a long shot.  So, shut up or go fuck her.
Well, well, well.  I see Kathryn Calhoun Dennis is still acting like the South's slut in residence and hasn't changed a bit, except to get uglier as time goes on, both physically and personality wise.  First knock up is an "accident", second is intentional. to use children in order to hurt and manipulate others is a disgusting form of child abuse and those kids should be taken away from her.  She's an unfit citizen, much less mother.  Her jealousy of Landon makes her look bad and petty.  Little and immature.  She whines  that people have not been "reaching out" to her, well, why should they?  You acted like a batshit crazy cunt last season to them, so why should they be buddy-buddy with you?  Because you're the descendant of a vice president whose claim to fame is keeping an entire race of people enslaved?  Get real.  They don't like you and they don't want to be around you because you're unpredictable and MEAN.  She continues her pity party by saying "It's like I have a big scarlet letter A on me".  You do, and that red dress of yours isn't helping your fake cause any.  Just shut up, asshole.  And quit using "hormones" as an excuse; your'e just a cunt and that's all there is to it.
 Hormone free.  For this season, you are a Queen.  Queen Slut Kathryn.

I'm warming up to Landon, though the giggling and Valley girl talk needs to go.  She isn't going to take Queen Slut Kathryn's shit.  Good for Landon!  And I'm glad she's standing up for herself and not allowing Queen Slut Kathryn to bully her.

And of course, my favorite-Miss Patricia!  As always, beautiful, glamorous and hitting the nail on the head.  Of Queen Slut Kathryn and Dumb-Dumb Thomas, she says "They're a couple of mornons, that's all I can tell".

Get ready for the continuing play-by-play for season three.
21 March 2016 @ 12:31 pm
OK, let's get one thing clear-the ONLY one I really like is Karen Huber, with Charrisse a distant second.  The rest are annoying.

Katie:  What a woman reeking of despiration, both personally and professionally.  She might know what it means to ATTEND balls and galas, but to actually RUN a SUCCESSFUL one is an entirely different matter.

Ashley:  I want to punch this snot-nosed self-important little brat so hard all of that frizzy twat mop of hers falls out.  I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOO sick of the "spring chicken, I'm so young" shit I could puke.  Additionally, calling the older women "cougars" is demeaning and ageist-first off, the term is used for older women on the prowl for younger men, and secondly, I can't stand the name because it implies that these women are predatory animals.  Shut the fuck up, Ashley.  Furthermore, you're not as cute as you seem to think you are.  Your husband is Aussie trash that should go back to his home country and take you with him.  I'd love to see the Melbourne housewives rip you apart.  And take some rotgut whiskey with you.  Classless trash.

The other two racist pigs can jump off a nearest cliff.
16 February 2016 @ 11:01 am
Well, Thomas, you'd probably better put a ring on it now.  Because your hiefer has given birth to another out of wedlock child.  How proud your parents must be.  Fine, upstanding citizens of Charleston society being grandparents to illegitmate children.

Disgusting, just disgusting.  According to news reports, he's out busy playing polo and Kathryn is subjecting the public to lies such as "he's thrilled and he's adjusting".  Right, Kathryn, right.  Still taking housekeeping classes?

And if there is a Season 3, I will watch ONLY Patricia's scenes.  The rest, I'll fast forward through if Kathryn and Thomas are on.  Trash with money.  No class, no pride and no morals.
16 February 2016 @ 10:55 am
I watched the entire series and much of it interested me, except what that trash Juliette was up to.  Piece of garbage!  Oh, and it's a fucking KANGAROO, not a Koala, you dumbass!

I liked learning about the heritage of shooting sports, and the "elevenses" afterward.  I liked how Caroline Fleming shared her heritage and that of the Danish people on the show.  Julie's quest to make Mapperton successful is highly admired by me and I wish her the best of luck, as I do to Marissa and her hot dog eatery and of course Annabelle and all she does.

What is Caroline Stanbury going to do now that she doesn't have her business?  I hope we have a season 3, but without rude and obnoxious Juliette.  She had no real story line except being intentionally irritating, ignorant and stirring the shit pot.  She should have to lick the spoon!
16 February 2016 @ 10:49 am
 I've seen enough of this franchise to not only say no, but HELL NO!

Karen, Katie and Carissa are the only ones I would think to hang out with.  Ashley is an annoying asshole who needs to realize that she's 26 now, but she won't be 26 forever.  Robyn is an ugly, mannish looking, butch racist pig, and Gizelle isn't far behind her.

Really, Robyn and Gizelle?  "White people", "white people hump", "hanging around white people too much", well if a white person would have said that about a black person, you KNOW the damned show would have been yanked from the air!  Both of these women are RACIST and IGNORANT!  Where does Andy Cohen find this trash?

And people have a problem with a TV show that is over 30 years old featuring a CAR with the Confederate flag on it?  Get real, shitheads!

I'm racially mixed and proud of it!  I don't have to identify with either culture if I don't want to-the key word here is I.  Not what some ghetto trash thinks!

This is the best Andy could come up with, because the real movers and shakers, the real socialites, the real rich people, the real powerful people won't reduce themselves to such gutter television.
05 October 2015 @ 02:10 pm
Andy Cohen did nothing of real substance in the Southern Charm Season 2 reunion, choosing to focus on really stupid shit such as Cameron being drunk, Shep not being married by 35, and superficial shit about Kathryn Dennis and Thomas Ravenel, along with trying to get them back together presumably so he could film Season 3 and their misery all for ratings.  Sickening.

Instead, he should have asked the following questions:

Landon:  Give us your take on Southerners' old fashioned views on divorce and how do you feel about it?  What will you do to change those archaic perceptions? How do you plan to be a successful Southern divorced woman and how do you plan on setting a good example for younger girls who may find themselves in a similar situation?

Cameron:  How is your real estate business going and if it isn't successful, what are your options?

Shep:  Do you plan on keeping the bar for any length of time?  If so,  how long?  What are your future plans?

Craig: What really happened beween you and Kathryn on the beach-BE HONEST.  Did you honestly think you could go through life the way you were going without working for money and get away with it? Where did you come up with that idea?

Whitney:  What are you going to do when your mother is no longer around to whip you into shape?  What are your plans for the future?

Kathryn:  Did you have a child out of wedlock to stay on a reality show?  Did you have sex with Craig on the beach?  Give him a blow job?  How about a hand job?  Did you and Lauren conspire against Thomas' campaign?  Why didn't your mother teach you about being a good housekeeper, that you feel you need to go take classes about?  Did you honestly think you could pull off your role as a political wife and still get your way?  Were you smoking pot the night of the alleged assault?  Why have you been kicked out of so many hotels?  Do you still drive drunk? How many nights a week do you stay home with your daughter?  Why didn't you go back to Charleston right away after the scandal broke out?

Thomas:  Did you have any intention on marrying Kathryn after she got pregnant?  Have you had sex with any other woman since you've been with Kathryn when you found out she was pregnant?  What do your parents and siblings think of her?  Do you think she would make a good political wife?  Do you thing she and Lauren conspired to destroy your campaign?  Were they consuming illegal narcotics in the presence of Kensie?  Why are you not fighing for custody?  Do you think you have a chance in politics in the future?

No, all we got were superficial shitty subjects no one cared about.  I hope Miss Patricia's reasoning as to why she wouldn't show up at his tacky "clubhouse" slapped him in his slimey face.   
05 October 2015 @ 01:55 pm
Kathryn Dennis and her hooker red lipstick returns!  Some things never change.

So, South Carolinians, Charlestonians in particular, see this as the scorn of the town.  Well, only if Kathryn Dennis continues.

Andy Cohen asks Whitney why Miss Patricia wasn't at the reunion.  His response was great:  "This isn't a dignified enough forum for her."  Andy, get some class, OK?

Of course, Andy chooses to dwell on Cameron's drunkenness at the Election Day party, and about her predictions about Shep being married by 35.  And Andy wants to know who is fucking more, Craig or Shep.  CUT THE FUCKING "SHEPPIE", ANDY!  Shep isn't gay, so stop it.  Shep says he's a business and home owner and just turned 35.  He feels he has to explain relationships between Southern mothers and their sons.  No need.  Andy's just being disgusting.

Of course, Andy wants to re-hash the Craig Impersonation and Shep's jealousy of Craig.  Whitney asks "Who cares?"  The sentiment of many.  And, of course, the auction.

Andy asks the intriguing question about Whitney's Mercedes station wagon.  Like the world cares.  Then he asks about Marissa.  To which, Kathryn lays in "Isn't she younger than me?"  Yes and she's much more mature and accomplished than you are, too.  What's your point?  The contrast of picking on Thomas and KD's age difference was brought up and Whitney clarifies that it was "political", which is right.  "I don't care who he sticks it in"....LMAO!  He could give a shit less about age, then he turns around and mocks her.  LOL!

She's still immature about Thomas.  Asshole.  "This is the father of MY child", ammo again I see.

Thomas then states what I've been saying all along-he didn't want her in his campaign because she would hurt him.  He's right.  She then claims she was a "slave at the house", oh, bullshit!  She was out as much as she could get out!  She was asked why she still hung out with Lauren after the "assault", she was out with her a week ago?  They watched the video and Lauren will at least get a Fendi bag out of this.  Her statement about there was "nothing to get back to", well what about your kid?  Kathryn was covering her ass before the show, saying he will "deny, deny, deny".  COVERING, KD.

Kathryn was being rude when she said that Landon Clements wasn't "working hard enough on her relationship".  The ONLY thing Kathryn did right this whole season was to apologize to Landon for the way she treated her at the Election Day party.

We find out that Craig has FOMO:  Fear Of Missing Out.  The fight with Whitney at the golf course was brought up.  Then Andy asks KD what she thinks-WHO CARES what she thinks, Andy?

Now we get to the BullShit Story of Kathryn, Craig and The Beach.

As for the fighting between Thomas and Kathryn, "Roll the tape and look at her actions".  She "had a baby to secure yourself on a reality show", claims Whitney and rightly so.  NO ONE really answered that question.  She says Kensie "lives with me at my house", no it is your PARENT'S home.  She and Thomas are fighting over money-what a surprise!  And we find out they've been kicked out of motels because of her screaming and antics and he stood up to her.  TRUE, TRUE, TRUE.  And, we find out that she's been spreading a rumor that Thomas fucked a lesbian, proof Kathryn is batshit crazy and will do anything to hurt Thomas.

And there are court threats.  "If Thomas is so awful or bady why are you fighting for him", asks Landon, and KD's excuse is pathetic.  Cameron tells her "children need no drama".  Then Andy starts with the Liz and Dick comparison-STOP IT ANDY!  And he pushes Thomas and Kathryn to get back together NO ONE is promoting this other than Andy Cohen!  Sleezebag!

Thomas says he "didn't handle things as a true gentleman should have."  We forgive you as long as you don't go back to  her.  Shep is telling him not to hook up with Kathryn later.  Kathryn then fake cries, but she isn't crying, Andy!  She's losing her sugar daddy!  Andy keeps it up and keeps it up-HEY ASSHOLE!  THEY SHOULD NOT BE TOGETHER, SO STOP IT!   You are disgusting.

And to add insult to injury, he serves mint juleps in tacky Mason jars.  Klassy.
Craig's synopsis of Kathryn's trashy and no-class performance at the Election Day party was spot on:  "Kathryn Dennis snapped into ghetto mode."  LMAO.

We then flip to Miss Patricia's gracious abode, with her decorator Mario Buatta.  They are redecorating and she's using my favorite things-antiques, paintings, and discreet collections.  Miss P is interested in the upcoming auction of Bunny Mellon's estate.  Yes, I know who Bunny Mellon was.  I hope Miss Patricia is able to get those blue and white items at Sotheby's auction.  Mario has decorated for Miss Patricia before and four of her homes have appeared in Architectural Digest.  How many times have her haters' homes been featured in AD?  NONE.

Mario to Whitney:  "Those trousers look like a cheap hotel-no ballroom."  LOL.  Whitney then shares with Miss P about how KD and her sidekick hairdresser sabotaged the campaign, and how the sidekick is back doing KD's hair, I hope better than a bun.  Whitney describes KD as a "feral wild girl" and her "P. E.s-Psychotic Episodes".  Hey, Kathryn, when they start giving your actions names of their own, it is time for counselling.

Thomas goes to see JD, and JD is being a good friend to Thomas.  Thomas reveals he was happy BEFORE he got together with Kathryn. Hm.

Landon is busy with her pop-up shop.  She says of Kathryn:  "She's a joke".

Miss Patricia announes she's been working on an event for the Wounded Warrior Project and reveals some of her family's history.  THIS is why I watch this show!

Next, we flip to ol' KD herself, with her kid going to the Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits.  She's just NOW doing this?  She claims, falsely, that she wants to be the "perfect little political wife".  Too late for that, sweet cheeks.  She claims to Suzanne that she's been "doing this stuff every day for a year and a half."  I'm calling bullshit!  Does this slutbag ever get sick of lying?  She's been at this "household training" for THREE MONTHS?  Then claims 1 1/2 years, oh, shut up, you filthy liar.  Her mother, aunts and grandmothers should have been teaching her this stuff years ago, but I'm sure she was more interested in slutting around and drinking booze and smoking pot and whatever else she could get her hooker hands on.  She has a "sense of betrayal", God shut her up!  Suzanne then wisely tells her there are "a lot of things you can't control".  Kathryn blew those chances Thomas supposedly gave to her.  She's going to "hold him accountable"?  For what, the free child support you were looking for all along?  And, she's "looking for a job", so what street corner are you and your plastic jewelry and Bun going to stand on?

Landon said she looked more like her dad, but she looks more like her mother.  And her mother is extremely selfish, caring more about what the public thinks of Landon being divorced than her own daugher's happiness.

The Wounded Warrior event looked stunning.  JD shows up in a fur-LOL!   Miss Patricia is taken to the event via golf cart.  Craig raised more money at the auction, but poor Shep-well it is probably because everyone's ridden that bicycle a few times for free, so why pay for it?

Group photo time-without Kathryn.

Speaking of, here she comes in a full length fur coat she drug out of someone's attic.  Claims she's "walking in with confidence" HA HA!  She's "on a mission to show Thomas what a big mistake he made."  Yes, yes you are.

And Thomas is in need of getting laid.  By anyone.  "The chemestry is overtaking my willpower."  Is that what you call it?  Most would call it a free fuck opportunity.  Kathryn is pouting in that full-length mink coat, complete with scraggly hair and hooker red lipstick.  Miss Patricia declares she's "quite childish", and "I would never show up uninvited."  Well, we're talking about Kathryn here.  No, Thomas, she does not know how to dress.  did she steal that dress out of the same attic she stole the coat from?  What an ugly rag. That outfit is horrid.

The Shep and Craig spat was stupid.

Good for Whitney asking Thomas if he's going to stay with KD after she screwed up his campaign.

Thomas goes and sits by the little slutbag.  She demands "Love, acknowledgment, to be treated like a lady."  NO.  He wants to split custody of Kensie.  She asks if he's "datingk me", with that trailer park "k" thing again.  She "wants a ring on this finger or I'm gonna give yu this one."  Whatever.  She wants "all in or all out" and "I'm the only oe trying".  that fucking stupid eye makeup.  And she's not going to let him walk away, and he takes off.  She starts running after him screaming "THOMAS, WAIT!!!" not only that but she's BAREFOOT.  Yelling.  Reminds me of the end of the movie "Shane":   "SHANE!! COME BACK SHANE!! SHANE!!"  Pathetic!

Craig's moving back to Deleware-lame.